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About Us

At Network Tactics, our custom approach to computer solutions is based on a commitment to personal service and long-term relationships. While many IT professionals can guarantee a quick fix or a one-time solution for an immediate need, we believe a partnered approach to meeting our customers,  goals for data management, communication and networking is the best way to earn trust and build loyalty.


Our certified IT professionals are deployed directly to your point of need. We’re timely, thorough and thoughtful. We don’t speak techie jargon. We speak your language. We’re straightforward, solutions-oriented, and service-minded. Our team is trained on the most relevant software programs in the industry and we’re continually adding new releases, advanced hardware systems and innovative research to our service portfolio.


We like to get our hands dirty. How does that translate? You tell us. Is your network too limited? We can expand your system to enable efficient communication and data transfer across your organization  whether it’s a single office or or multiple offices. Are you risking valuable data due to inadequate backup capabilities? We can install the right backup solution for your needs, providing security and certainty while eliminating worries about data loss or irretrievability. Is your system too slow, your e-mail falling into a black hole or your printing capabilities constantly hampered by malfunctions? Need your smartphone to sync with your email, contacts etc? We can make general repairs, upgrade software and hardware, host your e-mail and monitor your workflow to help you achieve maximum efficiency from all your IT resources.


So what it really boils down to is — we deliver solutions that help you work smarter and more efficiently. We’ll help you align your IT investments with your company’s longer-term goals for capital expenditures. We’ll also partner with you in an advisory capacity to provide ongoing maintenance and preventative diagnostics. Our goal is to free you to focus on your core business needs. Our capabilities and services include:

  • On and Off-site backups
  • Web site design and hosting
  • E-mail hosting
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Home and small business networking
  • Remote access to office/home
  • Service and repair of name brand and generic computers
  • Data recovery from hard drives and flash media
  • Spyware/malware and virus removal (pop-ups)
  • High speed internet and wireless network installation
  • Repair of lock-ups and slow performance
  • Custom build workstations and servers with local support
  • Fast, professional service within 24 hours
  • CAT5e/Cat6 installation
  • Network cable certification

The Network Tactics Team

Network Tactics is owned and operated by experienced IT professionals who are responsible for overall strategy, customer point-of-contact and business development. They are joined by IT specialists who handle diverse assignments including network set-up, website design, data recovery from hard drives and general repair. Regardless of the size and scope of your needs, Network Tactics welcomes an opportunity to meet with you and learn more about your IT program. We invite you to contact us and request an onsite visit, and we look forward to helping you identify the best solutions for organization.   Our office is location Mandeville less than a mile away from the Causeway bridge. Give us call today at 985-705-8324