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Information Technology Services

Catering to the Consumer

Network Implementation – Whether you have a new office or an existing one, we can provide
the necessary services to get your network up and running. Everything from running the cable to
setting up your high speed internet connection.

Disaster Planning/Recovery – Your data is the most important thing for your business. It’s
even more valuable than your hardware. We can setup a comprehensive backup system to ensure that
your critical data is being backed up to a safe place. In the event of a failure, we can even
assist you in the data recovery process. Our staff is trained in data recovery procedures, and in
some cases we can recover your data on-site. If the need arises for laboratory based data recovery,
we have working relationships with industry specialists.

Troubleshooting/Upgrades/Repairs – If that old PC on your desk is just too slow, or if it’s new
and just acting “weird” we can fix it. Our technicians are skilled in troubleshooting existing problems
and correcting them. We have experience in a wide variety of software packages. If you are need of an
upgrade plan for your business, we can help with that too. Our staff can assist you in planning your
upgrades in a manner that is efficient and budgetwise.

Our office is location Mandeville less than a mile away from the Causeway bridge. Give us call today at 985-705-8324